Ten tricks to stay cool without air conditioning

Mini-guide to survive in the city without air conditioning, without consuming too much energy and without affecting the environment.

There are people who have AC and abuse it, turning their house into a glacier; those who do not have it and sleep at night looking for the coolest corner of the cushion: the air conditioning, cross and delight of the summer season just started, if not used with caution, is likely to turn our electricity bills into the account of a five-star resort, and cause a surplus of electricity consumption.

How to refresh the home using it as little as possible? And how to survive the big heat if we do not own an AC? Here is the basic decalogue to tackle the summer heat. Save yourself. And save the environment.

1- Lower the blinds or close the shutters in the hottest hours of the day to create shade and protect the house from the sun’s rays. During the spikes, also close the windows, it may seem a contradiction, but it will not let the humid and heavy air enter the house. Instead, open the windows in the early hours of the morning or – by security – at night: refresh the rooms.

2- Where possible, install curtains or a balcony umbrella: Keeping it open, you will find a shady outpost at home windows, and in the warmer moments you can spend a few hours outdoors.

3- If you own a small outdoor space, a terrace, a balcony or a garden, especially if on the most exposed and sunny side of the house, fill it with plants, it will help to shield and absorb part of the heat.

4- Try not to create more moisture inside your home: do laundry and shower in the coolest hours to prevent condensation and steam getting worse.

5- Turn off all the appliances you do not use: in addition to consuming energy, they warm the environment.

6- No hair dryer, oven, intense lights, tumble dryer: it’s already hot, do not heat more! Even with lights off the house will be bright until late, these are the longest days of the year.

7- Consume fresh and water-rich foods. Above all, limit the essential use of the stove.

8- Inspire your home. If you have a floor or attic, isolate the surfaces exposed to the sun’s rays.

9- For interior curtains, prefer white, which helps to reflect the sun’s rays.

10- If you do not resist the heat with all these things, opt for a portable fan. For equal use, a portable fan consumes about 15 times less than an average air conditioner.